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With the digital, video-based Covid self-test concept, you can offer your employees, customers and guests the opportunity to obtain an official Covid test certificate at any time and any place. As our partner, you receive coupons for the use of the digital test service as well as the complete package including a quick test kit at particularly advantageous conditions. Whether you want to offer the service to your customers and guests free of charge or charge a fee for it is, of course, up to you.

That's what it's about

This is how the digital self-test concept works


The preparation

All that is needed is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection, a pen for labeling the test cassette and a certified Covid-19 antigen rapid test. This can be purchased from us or in stores.

The registration

The test persons register at www.app.homedx.de, test themselves according to the instructions and upload the video of the test execution to the homeDX Cloud.

The examination

After examination by our qualified health experts, the tested persons receive their digital test certificate with 24-hour validity within a short time on their smartphone or tablet.

Obtaining the certificate

The test result is output as a PDF as well as transferred directly to the Luca app, Corona Warn app and the Greenpass app.
Your security

Everything legally secured

Data protection compliant

The homeDX browser-based telemedicine application is certified, DSGVO compliant, audit and fraud proof


The verification of the video tests and the specified data, such as the comparison of the identity card and the individual registration code, is carried out by trained personnel (according to §26 Infection Protection Act)


The medically certified digital test result with 24h validity is available in German, English and various other languages.

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